Cold room services in Kenya

Cuma refrigeration (EA) Ltd. offers the best cold room services in Kenya. We are the best in the construction of modern walk-in cold rooms, chiller rooms, or freezer rooms.

Our services are the best in Kenya. They consist of cold room panels (PU sandwich panel), cold room doors, condensing units, evaporators (air cooler), temperature controllers, air curtains, copper pipes, expansion valves, and other refrigeration fittings. As regards usability, our cold room services are widely used. They are used in food industries, medical industries, and other related industries.
In the food industry, Cuma refrigeration cold rooms are used in food processing factories, including slaughterhouses, fruit and vegetable warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc.
In the medical industry, our cold rooms are used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, blood centers, gene centers, etc.
Additionally, the other related industries include chemical factories, laboratories, and logistics centers. For the best chiller room services in Kenya, visit Cuma refrigeration (EA) Ltd.

Cold room services

Cold room services in Kenya

The following are some of the common cold room doors used in this industry.


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