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Domestic and Industrial Ventilation Systems and Products- Xpelair, S & P, Veto, Vents.

Cuma Refrigeration (EA) Limited offers a wide range of Ventilation Services in Kenya. They include Domestic extract fans and Centrifugal Fans. These fans are suitable for installation in area such as; Bathrooms, Shower cubicles, Toilets, Utility rooms and Kitchens among many other uses.

Most Importantly, in order to maintain high indoor air quality, we provide ranginf fans depending on the use. From the simple single speed 100mm (4″), bathroom fan, popular 150mm (6″) kitchen fan to multi-speed pressure developing centrifugal fans. Cuma Refrigeration (EA) Limited can offer a ventilation solution for any installation requirement.

We design HVAC systems that are simple in order to achieve economical first cost, as well as low maintenance and service costs.

We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ needs in the following ways:
  • With a team of dynamic and pro-active design engineers.
  • We employ an experienced commissioning and testing engineer who checks and tests the HVAC plant.
  • Senior engineers and site supervisors monitor the progress and quality of the installation.
  • At the end of the guarantee period, the plant is again checked to ensure that it is still in sound working order and handed over.
  • We provide HVAC related reports using Energy Modelling Simulation Software.
  • We provide advice on excellent air quality.


The company designs, supplies and contracts ventilation systems of all kinds, from the smallest extract air room fans to mulch-storied buildings. Our professional team has a wealth of experience in the field having completed several major projects successfully.

We have a great deal of commercial and retail installation experience in many sectors. They include for example Industrial ducts, vents and ventilation fans. Whether you have a multi- storey office block or a small high street shop you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right choice of Ventilation equipment.

Most importantly, we routinely install systems ranging from small split air conditioning systems to large centralized chilled-water systems and ducted packaged units.Most importantly we are utilizing the latest technologies such as free-cooling, heat-recovery systems, inverter motor control and complex building management systems.

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