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Air conditioners have become a ubiquitous part of our daily life. Heat comes with serious consequences to human life and health which makes the use of air conditioner important and makes a good air conditioning system a worthwhile investment. In this case, Kenya weather conditions varies through out the year. This is attributed by the fact that, Kenya lies on the equator and has varying climate conditions influenced by several factors, including altitude. Kenya’s daytime temperatures varies to an average between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F, but it is warmer on the coast. ACs is therefore a  paramount requirement to making offices or homes conducive place to be. There is therefore some consideration that user should put into consideration before buying the AC systems in the building.


Size of the room

The size/capacity of the AC should be as per the size of your room. Choose an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity according the space of the room your intend to install the AC. If the room is bigger, AC with high capacity will be ideal  to  be able to provide proper dehumidification and vise versa. A unit with proper cooling capacity for idea space will not turn off and on too often and the operational cost will be more favorable  in terms of energy consumption.


It is important to properly install air conditioning unit In order to get the most out of it. The window AC is a compact unit designed to be attached to the windows, whereas a split AC has a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, specifically designed for the better flow of air. Make sure that the unit is installed by professionals expert to avoid flaws that will be costlier of disastrous. The performance parameter of AC depends on a good or bad installation.

Air quality

. ACs these days have air filters installed which remove odours, smoke and germs from the air.  A good filter not only ensures clean air but also enhances the cooling performance and energy efficiency of AC by preventing the choking of evaporator coil due to dust.

Technology and price

While Air Conditioners are packed with features these days, but one should choose the Air Conditioner which is equipped with technology catering to the needs of the user. It’s important to stick to a well-established brand providing all essential features and at a reasonable price.

After-sale service and warranty

It is important for a customer to get  the warranty after sales or the availability of the maintenance in case of future  breakdown. Keeping this in mind, always go with the brand who provides value to its customers after selling something. After-sale service is the point where the company’s credibility is being tested.


In conclusion, its very important to have the AC that suit and work efficiently to serve the need . You must have some knowledge about the air conditioning you are going to buy. Keep these points in mind and take the appropriate decisions about the AC which is best for your office or family and CUMA REFRIGERATION EA LTD is here to help.

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