Chiller Rooms Contractor in Kenya

CUMA East Africa Limited is best ranking Chiller Rooms Contractor in Kenya. This is as a result of customizing and designing  refrigeration rooms, cold rooms and chiller plane systems to any specification.

As the world keep evolving every day, we are utilizing the latest technology to build our chillers. This results into peaceful  mind, we offer off-site monitoring which allows us to respond to any developing problem with your refrigeration system the moment it occurs.

Chiller and Cooling Systems for Industrial Processes, Cuma Refrigeration is growing to be highly regarded designer, installer and project manager. Our design include, high performance process cooling and freezing equipment systems. These systems are ideal for many industry sectors including; Engineering, Production Manufacturing, Metal Working, Plastics and Plastic Forming. Also in the list include; Energy, Graphics, Chemical; Food Processing, Marine and many others.

CUMA also therefore provides a maintenance and breakdown service for added peace of mind. most importantly we offer a range of mode to measure cold rooms that can be tailored to your exact requirements, whether it be for non-square shapes, varying heights, specific finishes, etc.

Conducting Site Survey service for specific / customized installations. Each chiller rooms comes complete with all refrigeration equipment, controls and lighting to complete the installation.The service and attention to detail is the same irrespective of the size of the cold room or walk in chiller project.

Chillers have become an essential HVAC component of a wide variety of commercial facilities, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, sporting arenas, industrial and manufacturing plants, etc.

Chiller Rooms Contractor in Kenya

Additional Benefits of a Chiller Room.

The following are benefits of chillers manufactured by CUMA;

  1. Cooling output during blackouts: If the electric service is interrupted, you can continue delivering space cooling while the stored ice lasts. You still need a backup generator for HVAC pumps and fans, but the load on the generator is much lower when you subtract the chiller!
  2. No disruption during maintenance: You can use ice for space cooling whenever your chiller is under routine maintenance, providing comfort for building occupants.
  3. Using more power from renewable sources: You cannot run cooling systems with wind turbines and solar panels, since their energy output is variable. However, if you have an ice storage system, surplus generation from wind turbines or solar arrays can be used to make ice.

With ice storage, you may also have the chance to benefit from incentive programs. Some utility companies, including Con Edison in NYC, have programs where they reward you for lowering demand at times when the power grid is burdened. This can be easily accomplished by ramping down your chiller output and relying completely on ice for space cooling.


A chiller with ice storage offers you more operational flexibility, while reducing your space cooling expenses. Just keep in mind that each project is unique, and the potential savings from ice storage strongly depend on your electricity tariff. You can get a professional energy audit and energy modeling for your building to identify the most promising upgrades.