Matfer Bourgeat 013320 (13 Liter) Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


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  • Solid 18/10 stainless steel construction with triple layer (steel, copper, steel) base
  • 13 litre capacity
  • 15psi/100kap equals a cooking temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mimics the effect of braising or simmering
  • Perfect for preparing pot roast, chili, stews, and more

Matfer Bourgeat 013320 Details

Mimic the effects of braising or simmering in this Matfer Bourgeat 013320 14 qt. (13 liter) stainless steel pressure cooker. From pot roast and stew to chili and brisket, virtually anything that can be cooked in steam or water-based liquids can be cooked in a pressure cooker! With shorter cooking times, any heat-sensitive nutrients can be preserved and as the pressure builds, cooking time is not only cut down but moisture is soaked into your vegetables and meat, creating a mouthwatering experience your customers will appreciate. Insert steamer racks, steel baskets, or high temperature containers (each sold separately) for a multitude of preparation options.

Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this pressure cooker features a triple layer base of copper enveloped by steel for exceptional heat retention and conduction. The 15psi/100kap pressure equals a cooking temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The sturdy construction of this pressure cooker allows for a quality piece that’s built to last!

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 10 7/8″
Height: 12″
Capacity: 14 qt. (13 liter)

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