CUMA EA Limited deals with Commercial Refrigeration in Kenya. The right refrigerator is vital in the success of your business.  Customers look for quality and freshness in their bouquets and for this, CUMA EA limited   will help you accomplish this. our variety of Commercial Refrigeration in Kenya includes

1. Keeping the Back Bar Stocked

Wine Cooler

Commercial bar refrigeration units can be used in a variety of different scenarios. Most will have a pretty large capacity in order to store the various drinks, mixers, and supplies a standard bar needs. This makes them ideal in a commercial type setting, and a potential dream in a residential one. A lot of back bar refrigerators will be front ventilated with glass doors, making them ideal for behind-the-bar placement. A unit with glass doors allows the customer to view available wines and beers, and makes it easier for bar tenders and bar backs to navigate their stock.

2. Keep Cool & Merchandise

Merchandiser Fridge

In order to store a large amount of bottles or cans in a non-bar commercial setting, a refrigerated merchandiser can be a great choice. Commercial merchandisers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, all with individual features and capacities. A lot of merchandisers come with ventilation in the front, making them ideal for displaying beverages. Glass doors make it easy for customers to view what’s on sale, and for employees to easily manage their stock.

3. Refrigeration + Prep Table = Ultimate Station

food prep refrigerator

A typical kitchen needs prep tables and stations for various dishes being made and served. A commercial prep table that is also refrigerated is about as efficient as you can get. There are smaller versions on the market, which are meant more for sandwiches and salads and the like. But there also exist tables with a much bigger area for preparing larger meals that need more room and ingredients, such as pizza. In addition to the table space, these commercial units will also feature large refrigeration areas, usually including wire shelves.

4. Undercounter Refrigerators: The Mini Reach-in

TurboAir Mini Fridge

These units work like your traditional, commercial reach-in fridge, but are quite a bit smaller. While squat and square, they still provide you with intense, commercial-grade refrigeration power. Some under counter units even function as a freezer, and easily compliment larger fridges or merchandisers. A commercial kitchen would only benefit from a smaller undercounter fridge.

5. Reach-in: The Classic Commercial Unit

Reach-in Fridge

Owning a home today without a refrigerator in the kitchen sounds unheard of…probably because for the most part it is. If you have a restaurant with a high-functioning, busy, commercial kitchen it’ll be unheard of for you to not outfit it with a large, reach-in fridge. Great for the back of the house, or just on the other side of the bar right out of the customers sight, these units have the capability to store a lot of various food and drink items in a segmented and shelved interior. These work like typical residential fridges, but have more power and a much larger capacity.

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