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Welcome to CUMA Refrigeration EA LTD. – Kenya Leading Refrigeration. Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation. Cold-room, Prefab and EPS Contractor Authorized by NCA.

Cuma Refrigeration Ea Ltd in a Registered company in Kenya. Our specialization  ranges in various categories for example; can i buy disulfiram online. where can i purchase disulfiram , disulfiram implant to buy, and  buy disulfiram paypal. Additionally  we also deals in; disulfiram to buy ukorder disulfiram and buy disulfiram online uk and much more.

Also Stockist of buy disulfiram online australia and buy disulfiram tablets uk. Additionally we deal in; buy disulfiram uk where to buy disulfiram in uk, buy disulfiram in uk cheap disulfiram and buy generic disulfiram

Similarly,Our company has partnership with leading brands to ensure that our customers get the best quality. For this reason, Our brands are of high quality and the best prices. In addition, We stock Mika Appliances, Gree Air Conditioners, Brauhm Refrigerators and Other leading Brands.

Disulfiram implant to buy, Buy disulfiram paypal

Cuma Refrigeration EA Ltd Introduces the most suitable and durable products. Ranging from customers looking for single and multi-split air conditioning systems. Acs are ideal use for buildings, Homes Hospitals and commercial offices. We also support industrial needs such as; chiller units for producing hot and cold water for buildings plants and much more.


Commercial Appliances and store.

Whether your operation is a bakery or pizza parlor,a fine dining, sit down restaurant or an all-night diner, you need ovens to cook with. For this reason, we stock counter top microwave ovens. They range from double deck pizza ovens and convection ovens. Most importantly we have a huge variety of different types of commercial ovens. For this reasons we give our customers varieties to choose from. Need to smoke meat or roast poultry? Check out the smokehouses and the rotisseries.

Specifically At CUMA Refrigeration East Africa, we provide extensive selection of commercial cooking equipment. For this reason, you will be able to find every piece of cooking equipment that you need for your food service business. For instance, from the five star restaurant to a small first food court. Whether your are in meat industry, we provides all types of butchery equipment.

Beverage Equipment

We also supplies Commercial Beverage Equipment includes everything from coffee makers to juice dispensers. No matter if it is a cold or hot beverage you need to serve, dispense, or transport, you will find the equipment necessary here at Cuma refrigeration EA LTD.

Cold room services in Kenya

Cuma refrigeration (EA) Ltd. offers the best cold room services in Kenya. We are the best in the construction of modern walk-in cold rooms, chiller rooms, or freezer rooms. Our services are the best in Kenya. They consist of cold room panels (PU sandwich panel), cold room doors, condensing units, evaporators (air cooler), temperature controllers,…

Choosing Ideal Kitchen Equipment

Choosing Ideal Kitchen Equipment Choosing Ideal Kitchen Equipment is key factor in easier and more exciting in kitchen. Cooking has become a hobby in most modern homesteads. In previous times, cooking was only for the purpose of preparation and immediate devouring. In the 21st Century, many content creators focus on food. Whether food photography or…


We acknowledge that air conditioners have become an ubiquitous part of our daily life. Heat comes with serious consequences to human life and health. For that reason, air conditioners are vital, making them a worthwhile investment. Kenya’s weather conditions vary throughout the year. This is attributed to the fact that Kenya lies on the equator…

Common Problems with AC

CUMA EA LTD an Air Conditioning Company in Kenya emphasize the importance of scheduling regular AC maintenance for Common Problems with AC, for a period of time —it’s that important. Cuma Air Conditioning Company in Kenya regularly repair and maintain  air conditioning service. our technicians  are qualified and ready to have it done as soon as…