Reliable Air Conditioning Company in Kenya- Cuma Refrigeration EA Limited

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning  Company in Kenya, Services and Products. 

Air conditioning may be a luxury, but for many, it is a necessity to for real comfort, We are stockist of all kinds of air conditioners from different suppliers. For example this include LG Split Air Conditioners, ranging from 9000btu to 90,000btu. Samsung, Union-air, Mercury.

Cuma Refrigeration (EA) Limited is an international accredited company with headquarters in Kenya and operations in Burundi and Rwanda. Interestingly, we design and install air conditioners for both domestic, commercial and industrial use. Additionally, we supply leading models of air conditioners from the following manufactures. For example they include LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi and many more . Armed with the advantage of not being tied to one manufacturer, we are able to optimize your installation by selecting the most practical system for your premises.

A responsible attitude to the environment is integral to our business operations. Innovations in energy-efficient design and the pioneering introduction of new refrigerants have produced systems that are better for the environment and comply with all current and planned legislative demands.

We supply, install and service all makes of air conditioning equipment to ensure all your needs are met:

System design and Site Evaluation
Installation of Air Conditioner and VRV Systems
Repair & Maintenance contracts for Air Conditioning System
Commercial – VRF, VRV, ducted & cassettes sales and supply
Domestic/conservatories – heat pumps & inverters

Full coverage of East Africa Regions

in conclusions Cuma Refrigerationa (EA) Limited strives to provide you with affordable industrial air conditioning solutions.

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