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Milk Dispensing Machines for Sale in KenyaMilk Dispensing Machines /Milk ATM Machines business is one of the most and highly adapted business in Kenya. For the last few years Kenya has realised a drastic increase in this key and innovative business that has seen many increase their income. Cuma Refrigeration stands out as your preferred supplier and manufacturer of both ready made and custom made Milk Dispensing Machines popularly know is MILK ATM. Our first bunch of milk Dispensing Machines were easily absorbed into the market because of their unique features, durability and easy to use features. We invite our customer to make their orders today or visit our showroom to have a real experience of this unque and booming business product.

Why Our Milk Dispensing Machines:

  • Durable
  • Integrated with Digital Operation unit with easy to use user interface
  • Competitive Prices
  • Custom Sizes Available

Key Features

1. After putting the fresh milk into the machine, turn it on, then it would work automatically.

There's an automatic refrigeration system inside the machine, which is in order to keep the milk fresh for a certain time in low temperature condition.


The bottles are carried by customers self. A bottle of milk will be filled after the coin or

swipe IC card is inserted.
4. The unit price could be self-adjusted.


Features of milk vending machine, milk dispensing machine 


1. With coin acceptor, false coin identification system.
2. A compressor inside machine, which can support 3°C-12°C constant temperature to keep milk fresh.
3.  150L/200L/300L large capacity stainless steel container with wheel, convenient to displace.
4. Self-adjusting Price & Milk Volume.
5. Whole body materials is 304# stainless steel, it is very sturdy and clean.



Milk supply of milk vending machine, milk dispensing machine 

1. Pump in the upper body
2. The milk is stored in the container inside of the milk vending machine

Optional functions of milk vending machine, milk dispensing machine 


1. 26' inch Video displayer
2. Bill accepter
3. Coin changer: one denomination coins sent back; serval kinds of coins sent back
4. GSM Remote Monitor
5. IC card Charge Machine
Autocleaning System
customize according to your needs



Models of milk vending machine, milk dispensing machine   


Model CM-150L CM-200L CM-300L
Size of Machine(m) 0.9*0.8*1.98 1*0.85*2.05 1.5*0.95*2.2
Size of Milk Tank(m) 0.5*0.4*1.1 0.6*0.5*1.3 0.65*0.8*1.5
Capacity 150L 200L 300L
Voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Power 154W 154W 154W
Weight 180KG 240KG 350KG
Temperature 3℃-12℃ 3℃-12℃ 3℃-12℃

Photos of milk vending machine, milk dispensing machine 

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