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Buy LG, Samsung and Other Leading Brands of Air Conditioners, We Offer Affordable Installation cost for all types of air conditioners. Maintenance Services and VRV Systems

Cuma Refrigeration (EA) Ltd have professional engineers experienced in all types of air conditioning installation services, maintenance and emergency response services.

We install and supply all major brands of air conditioning equipment from basic Split Systems, to VRV / VRF systems, Chillers, Close Control Equipment and Packaged units.

We provide free site survey’s to identify your exact room requirements, whether it be for ongoing maintenance of your existing equipment, or to designing a new system for your specific needs.

We are very proud of the level of expertise we offer, and pass this on to our customers by providing warranty for new installations that we undertake.

Small split system

Medium size split system

Multi-split systems


This is a basic entry level system suitable for homes or small commercial premises such as dentists, opticians, florists or small shops where a single room is to be air conditioned.

It consists of an indoor unit which does the cooling and heating and is connected to a discrete outdoor unit which either rejects unwanted heat or in the case of a heat pump collects heat from the outdoor air even if the temperature is 0 deg C.

This is a step up from the single split, and may have two or more indoor units connected to the outdoor unit.

It is more flexible and suitable for larger home installations, where more than one room is to be air conditioned (perhaps a bedroom, dining room and home cinema, for example), and for commercial premises such as restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and medium-size shops and offices.

These systems are ideal for larger premises, such as medium-size office suites or prestige apartments, where perhaps a dozen or more indoor units serve separate living or working spaces.

They are connected to a bank of outdoor units, located either on the roof or in a central plant room serving the building.

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